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Interlab is an applied research laboratory at Computer Engineering Department of Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, with interest on new interactive technologies, such as multimedia and virtual reality, for the development of innovative solutions in areas such as Education, Medicine or Entertainment. Besides, InterLab performs other activities on technology and knowledge diffusion, such as didactic laboratories, courses and seminars. Interlab was founded in 1996, by gathering together two former groups, GRV (Grupo de Realidade Virtual, created and run by Prof Dr Antonio Helio Guerra Vieira since 1992) and GCAD (Grupo de CAD e Computação Gráfica, created by Prof Dr Antonio Marcos de Aguirra Massola and run, at that time, by Prof Dr Romero Tori). Interlab has been researching the application of interactive technologies in education and entertainment. In 2002, Interlab has created a group on computer games, which main goal is the application of game technology in interactive virtual education. Today Interlab is Associate Developer Lab in the FAPESP TIDIA Electronic Learning Project, carrying out researches on 3D Virtual environments for Learning, Video Avatar and Immersive Telecommunication over Internet 2.

Contact Information:
Prof. Romero Tori
+55 11 3091-5282